Yoz's Adventures at Burning Man

In 2001 I went to the Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, along with 22,000 other people. The experience cannot even be remotely adequately described, although I did try in this mail which I sent from it. (Note: I have since had a mildly heated and silly argument on this topic with Tim B.) Along with 10 or so others I was part of the Burning Man County Croquet Club (BMCCC) which lived in the wonderful Illumination Village, the Mayor of which was Charlie Gadeken, the boyfriend of my old flatmate Pouneh.

Anyway, I took my camera along and, as usual, took a bunch of terrible pictures. The ones presented here are less terrible than some of the others.

It's worth noting in advance that:

  1. I took photos more to reflect my personal Burning Man experience rather than just shooting crazy stuff, because I figured that other people would be doing that far better
  2. None of these photos have been retouched or cropped or had their levels sorted or anything yet, because that would involve effort and competency, so I'm afraid a few of them are still rather dark. Furthermore, they're an average of 200k each.
  3. Sometime soon the BMCCC's own den mother Samantha hopes to put up a far better site with pics from all of us. When it's up, I'll be linking to it from here.
  4. There are, as far as I know, no pictures of naked people here. This is mostly by accident. I'm sorry.

If you're pressed for time or just cannot be bothered with a bunch of appalling holiday snaps (and who could blame you), here are the least least terrible pictures:

The South Bay (not at Black Rock yet)

My journey started in Sunnyvale, staying with Quinn, Danny, Gilbert and Drew. Anno arrived a couple of days after me. I also spent Shabbat with my cousins Matt and Pam and delightful sub-cousins Liat and Dov.

On our way (still not at Black Rock yet)

Arrival at Black Rock

We drove through the night and arrived at Burning Man at 8am on Tuesday morning.

The sights

Not nearly enough decent photos here. Just so you know. For the really good stuff, go look at the Burning Man Image Gallery.


The Night of the Burn

On Saturday night The Man burned, and there was much rejoicing.

Illumination Village

Barlow's Bunch

John Perry Barlow, who used to be in some hippy band and now shouts about the Internet, was around. I mainly hung out with him because he's constantly surrounded by gorgeous women...

Michael & Elena's Wedding

Packing Up


The nearest city to Black Rock is Reno, where we stopped for two nights on the way back to San Francisco. (We only meant to stop for one night, but got waylaid by nice people and parties) The contrast from Burning Man was enough to do our heads in, so we got on with the business of bathing, gambling, partying and general bewilderment.

... and back to where we started.

And so it only remains to thank...

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